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The event under the name of "Close Cooperation” was held on 16th February 2018 organized at the initiative of "FDA Laboratory" LLC and "Certification and Quality" LLC, since it was time to say thank to those partners, who have a good attitude not only to their business, but also to society, and are responsible for the quality of their products.


Representatives from 42 com­panies were invited to the event. Those companies belong to such importers and producers, who, in the mandatory order, carry out laboratory researches of food, medicine and tobacco, etc. and offer their products to the consumer only if they are confident in the high qua­lity of their production.


Within the event the results of the joint achievements of 2017 were rounded up, certificates of appreciation and awards were handed for such responsible business approach. The expectations of 2018 were also dis­cussed. The guests made a small excursion to the laboratory and were present at several labo­ratory studies, which was very impressive.


The first accredited analytical laboratory "FDA Laboratory" operates in Armenia during already 5 years, and is a reliable partner for all manufacturers and importers. It opens new opportunities for the latter, at the same time creating the prerequisites for a healthy and safe life.


All analyzes in the laboratory are conducted in accordance with both national and international stan­dards, as well as the standards, decisions and normative documents of the EAEU. The declarations and certificates, provided by “Certification and Quality” LLC are valid both in Armenia and in the member states of the Customs Union.


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